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Thanks to Indigenous Educators Christine M'Lot and Marika Schalla, Hip-hop consultant Chad Allsopp, Indigenous graphic designer Ruby Bruce, and curriculum and coding expert Peter Skillen for developing and designing the 2022 Your Voice is Power program.

We appreciate the work of Animikii (Brand Development), Hey Nova (Web Development), Supernaturals Modelling, and Patrick Shannon (Nang Ḵ'uulas) (Videography), along with the financial support of Amazon Canada in making this project possible.

We're grateful to our first group of artist partners, Dakota Bear, Jayli Wolf, and Samian, for inspiring us with their insights and sharing their musical stems for students to remix as they engage in the program. We also thank our translators, Jason Jones and Elder Nancy Jones (Ojibwe), Jasmine Mansour (French), and Bobby Suluk (Inuktitut) for making the program available in these languages.

We also recognize the support provided for program direction, development and review by UBC educators and students, including Cinda Heeren, James S., Jan Hare, Jeff Miller, Joel Liman, Jon C., and Patricia Lasserre.

We acknowledge our interconnectedness and are thankful for the water that flows and the life that grows each day. Our organization is comprised of a team from many diverse backgrounds who are situated on Indigenous lands across many First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities. In this context, we approach our work with a shared responsibility in upholding treaty agreements and awareness of the ancestors who have come before us, along with the impact of our efforts for generations to come.