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Minds On: Thinking About Reconciliation

Activity 1: Understanding Reconciliation (10 minutes)

This is your opportunity to use YOUR VOICE AS POWER!

You have been learning how to code a song in EarSketch—remixing stems from Indigenous artists that use your “voice” to promote equity! Now that you have more skills and knowledge, you will be able to build a song (or finalize your existing song) to submit for the final competition (if you wish). 

There are two entry categories - Indigenous students and student Allies.

Let's have a final look at some materials first before we code our final song and submit!

Call to Action Challenge

In small groups of 3-4, discuss each of these questions. You can share what you talked about with the class after each question. 

  1. What have you learned about the Inequalities and injustices that Indigenous people have faced and continue to face in Canada? 
  2. How are these injustices similar and different to the injustices faced by African American people in the United States?
  3. What are some examples of initiatives aimed at promoting equality in Canada? (Example: Orange Shirt Day)
  4. What does Reconciliation mean to you?