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Jayli Wolf “Child of Government” Lyrics 

Oh hey uh, just uh, I was just gonna, tell you that, uh, well I guess I got no one to talk to really”

Father Youngblood took the children down

To the water with the cross and the bible

They were taught to pray but they left their hands up high

Grandma was young when the baby came and

She was locked up in a white room raining

Nuns held the key while they made her sign her name

They took my daddy away

My father’s blood is mine

His story beats inside me

And now I share it here with you

He’s a child of the government

Mixed up the bloodline, lost to his people

Broken and cursed, wrapped him in evil

Smile for the priest now, God save the banknote

This is a song about a child of the government

Cuts and bruises

Drugs, an 


I just saw my father

And he fell down

Now he’s empty calling

Hands in ring, he’s all in

Toothless fighter makes me cry

Yeah he’s a child of the government

My father’s blood is mine

His story beats inside me

And now I share it here with you

Yeah he’s a child of the government

I won’t wear a cross

I won’t say his name

I won’t kneel down in dirty water

I won’t pray lies

And I’ve been baptized

What doesn’t kill you makes you a monster

“There’s a lot of things that the government blacked out, but, you know no matter what happened, I’m really grateful for you in my life, cuz it’s been difficult, um and I guess I passed a lot of that on to you, and uh you know we’re doing the best we can and life’s awesome”

The Four R’s Framework 

The Four R’s Framework is a framework aimed at decolonizing and Indigenizing the education system. Today, we are going to use this framework to analyze music and create our own songs! 


Respect for all of creation 

To honour all of creation is to have respect. Respect addresses the dignity of people and encompasses the honouring and valuing of who they are as a unique person. Inherent in the overarching principle of respect is the honouring of rights, autonomy, choice, worthiness, uniqueness, and self-determination. Respect is not reserved for those with special societal status, income level, intellect, power or attractiveness: respect is deserved by all of creation, human or otherwise. It is considered a fundamental attitude and way of being for all people. How do you show respect? 


Include relevant Indigenous perspectives  

Including Indigenous perspectives regarding history and culture ensures Indigenous knowledges continue to be passed down through generations. Respecting Indigenous history, culture, knowledges and perspectives can include becoming informed about these topics by doing your research and actively seeking out Indigenous perspectives. It could include using Indigenous place names or learning about the history of the land you occupy. How do you include Indigenous perspectives in your life? 


Fostering reciprocal relationships 

Reciprocity is based on the teaching of interconnectedness. Whenever we take something from the earth, we also make sure to give something back - often in the form of a prayer or offering.  When we work with others, we need to ensure the relationship is beneficial to both, so that everyone feels valued and appreciated. Fostering reciprocal relationships can look like showing up on time (valuing someone elses’ time) and returning a favour (if someone helps you, make sure you help them too). How can you give back to others? 


Using your voice in a responsible way 

The things that we say and do can have a huge impact on others. We need to ensure we are using our voice in a responsible way. Responsibility is more than just an idea - it is an action. Sometimes using your voice in a responsible way can look like advocating for change. What actions are you taking that positively impact the world?