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Module 5 Song Structure—Every Song (and Person) Plays a Part!

Minds-On: Understanding The Past

Activity 1: What are Decolonization and Indigenization (10 minutes)

Turn to Fun Facts in Canadian Hip-Hop History

  1. Turn to Fun Facts in Canadian Hip-Hop History (in Resources). Also, in Module 5, Activity 1 of your Student Notebook. 
  2. Review the information together as a class.

Indigenous communities in Canada face similar struggles to African American communities in the United States and have to deal with all levels of racism which is often reflected in Canadian Indigenous Hip-Hop lyrics. 

Hip-hop is a modern tool for Indigenous youth to tell their stories and experiences through song.

Often, the message in these songs is decolonization and Indigenization.

Decolonization is the dismantling of colonial power structures. 

Indigenization is the restoration of Indigenous ways of knowing, thinking, feeling, and being and often involves the resurgence of Indigenous languages and ceremonies.