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Module 5 Song Structure—Every Song (and Person) Plays a Part!

Twin Flames is a folk-rock husband-and-wife duo who draw on their Indigenous ancestry to create a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional music. Jaaji is Inuk from Nunavik as well as Mohawk from Kahnawake and Chelsey June is Algonquin, Métis, Cree and Settler. Together they write songs delivered through a mix of English, French and Inuttitut.

Listen to Twin Flames song "Omen" and analyze the words.

"Omen" by Twin Flames

Engage in Group Discussion:

1. Based on both the lyrics and watching the music video, what do you think the overall message of the song was? How do you know?

2. How did Twin Flames utilize each of the 4Rs in their song?

3.Twin Flames decided to support the organization The Land Needs Guardians through their music video. This is a campaign that is helping generate long-term support for Indigenous Guardians programs and Indigenous stewardship. Why do you think this is important?