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Module 5 Song Structure—Every Song (and Person) Plays a Part!


Fun Facts in Canadian Hip-Hop History 

Canadian Hip-Hop history was heavily influenced by Caribbean immigration during 1960-1970. In 1988, Ron Nelson, a Toronto-based DJ, held rap battles at the concert hall between artists from Toronto and the United States. He was responsible for bringing acts like Public Enemy, Run DMC, Salt Peppa, Ice Cube, Queen Latifa & more to Canada.

Canada’s vibrant music scene in the 60s and 70s paved the way for creating a Canadian music TV program called MuchMusic in 1984. The program had a show called RapCity Michael William first hosted. Later on, Master Tee hosted the show. 

In 1988, Michie Mee, who was touted for her Jamaican Funk Canadian Style, was the1st Canadian signed to a US label which signalled Canada’s breakthrough into the American hip-hop scene. 

In 1989, Maestro Fresh Wes dropped the “Backbone Slide” single and video. This is the first hit single in Canadian Hip-Hop history to appear on Billboard's Hot Rap singles chart. In 1989, he released “Symphony in Effect” and won a Juno Award for Video Of The Year (Certified Gold 500k Sold). Then, in 1990 his song was nominated for best dance recording at the 1990 Juno awards because they had no specific category for hip hop routines yet. 

In 1998, the Canadian rap group, the Rascalz, released a song called “Northern Touch” which was a collaboration with other well-known Canadian rappers including Checkmate, Kardinal Official, Thrust and Choclair. It became a hugely popular song and thrust Canadian hip-hop into the international Hip-Hop scene. As a result of the song’s popularity, the Juno’s created a “Rap” category that the song “Northern Touch” was the first to win! 

Another notable figure in Canadian hip-hop - and an artist who has been involved with the Your Voice is Power Program - is Sheldon Pitt a.k.a Solitair. Solitair is the founding member of the Black Jays production team and has been producing music for 20+ years. His production credits include artists such as Nina Sky, Glenn Lewis, Cham, Maestro, Rascalz, Kardinal Offishall, Ivana Santilli, July Black, Choclair & Sugar Jones. In 2006, Solitair started working with Cipha Sounds of Hot 97 under the name "More Fire". The duo produced work for Nina Sky, Daytona, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, Jim Jones, Elephant Man & Trey Songz.

Of course, we cannot forget about the contributions to hip-hop by Indigenous youth. Indigenous youth were also embracing Hip-Hop and the first Indigenous Hip-Hop song to be played on MuchMusic was a song called “Feelin Reserved” by the War Party. Notable Indigenous Hip-Hop artists include A Tribe Called Red, Inez Jasper, Joey Stylez, JB The First Lady, Winnipeg’s Most, Eekwol, Crystal Lightning, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Dakota Bear, Jayli, Samian, and more! 

Finally, around the 2000s, the Canadian Hip-Hop scene was getting the respect and recognition it deserves. In 2001, Canada got its first Hip-Hop radio station - Flow 93.5, which finally gave Canadian artists a platform to showcase their talent to the country. 

Since 2010, Toronto artist Drake has dominated the Canadian and American hip-hop scene. In 2016, Drake scored the first Billboard Hot 100 number one song by a Canadian artist! Now Canada boasts many other Hip-Hop artists with international prominence, including Tory Lanez, The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, Roy Woods, and many more! 

Indigenous communities in Canada face similar struggles to African American communities in the United States and have to deal with all levels of racism which is often reflected in Canadian Indigenous Hip-Hop lyrics. 

Hip-Hop is a modern tool for Indigenous youth to tell their stories and experiences through song.

Often, the message in these songs is decolonization and Indigenization.

The Four R’s Framework 

The Four R’s Framework aims to decolonize and Indigenize the education system. Today, we are going to use this framework to analyze music and create our own songs! 


Respect for all of creation 

To honour all of creation is to have respect. Respect addresses the dignity of people and encompasses the honouring and valuing of who they are as a unique person. Inherent in the overarching principle of respect is the honouring of rights, autonomy, choice, worthiness, uniqueness, and self-determination. Respect is not reserved for those with special societal status, income level, intellect, power or attractiveness: respect is deserved by all of creation, human or otherwise. It is considered a fundamental attitude and way of being for all people. How do you show respect? 


Include relevant Indigenous perspectives  

Including Indigenous perspectives regarding history and culture ensures Indigenous knowledge continue to be passed down through generations. Respecting Indigenous history, culture, knowledge, and perspectives can include becoming informed about these topics by doing your research and actively seeking out Indigenous perspectives. It could include using Indigenous place names or learning about the history of the land you occupy. How do you include Indigenous perspectives in your life? 


Fostering reciprocal relationships 

Reciprocity is based on the teaching of interconnectedness. Whenever we take something from the earth, we also make sure to give something back - often in the form of a prayer or offering.  When we work with others, we need to ensure the relationship is beneficial to both, so that everyone feels valued and appreciated. Fostering reciprocal relationships can look like showing up on time (valuing someone elses’ time) and returning a favour (if someone helps you, make sure you help them too). How can you give back to others? 


Using your voice in a responsible way 

The things that we say and do can have a huge impact on others. We need to ensure we are using our voice in a responsible way. Responsibility is more than just an idea - it is an action. Sometimes using your voice in a responsible way can look like advocating for change. What actions are you taking that positively impact the world? 

FREEDOM by Dakota Bear

// verse one //

The people are standing together there’s power in numbers

We will not fall where you want us

We learning the laws you throwing upon us

You throw us in water we know there’s pirhanas 

The people they needing a leader just know that I’m on It

I’m honest in everything that I do

Every word that I write is true

The people that get it they know that the picture is bigger

So pull up a seat and you’ll listen you putting a fist in the air you know the resistance is here

You’ll hear us off in the distance

We are the kids that you dismissed

We are the targets you just missed

We are descendants of healers and chiefs just know that our struggles are brief

Just know that we one in the same

I’m from the prairies the plains

I’ll grow my hair out until I can braid it again

I’m no longer ashamed

I promised our people our hardships will not go out in vain

You’ll hear in my voice and the melody. Carry the pain

I do not do this for money for fame

I just want to be me I just want to feel free

Is that to much that we ask?

Look to the future but learn from the past

I know that sometimes we clash

And that’s just life chances ain’t handed out twice

A man of my word and a man of advice

 I just want to be me I just want to feel free

// hook // 

We just wanna live our lives we don’t want to have to worry

Tell me can you help me it don’t seem like you been in a hurry

You playing judge and jury I feel like I’m under siege

Get the matches burn the sage

Chapters over turn the page

Author of my destiny but they telling me differently

// verse two //

I swear we be doing the most

I pack my suitcase and moved to the coast

I promised the next time I come to the city I’m bringing hope

I’m bringing you n it’s bigger then music together we started a movement

Together we stand and we shaking the earth as we moving

As soon as you look for the answer you’ll see the solution

Our minds are as clear as the water as soon as you see the pollution

We want the freedom and not the illusion

We are the warriors the ones you read in the stories we are notorious

I just want to me I just want to feel free

// hook //

"Omen" Lyrics by Twin Flames

I Seen it in my dreams

It’s written in the stars in the sky

It’s when I close my eyes

Been seeing all of the signs


It’s not this place that’s haunted

It’s just me it seems

I’m walking in the daylight

Yet I’m screaming in my dreams

Visions taunt me day and night

They won’t leave me alone

I know it’s not for nothing

I’ve known it all along


Storms are raging

landscapes changing

Destruction I am shown

So many tears

burdened by fears

read it in the bones

We all stopped listening

Ignoring all the signs

I can’t help but see

Every time I close my eyes


My father always knew

Born to this land

He warned of change to come

He helped me understand

My Ancestors got my back

walking in their shoes

I know I’ll be ok

They showed me what to do