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Module 4 Creating Your Soundbank, Variables, & Tracks

Minds-On: Layers Of Music

Activity 1: Introduction to Layering Music (15 minutes)

Now that you’ve explored the layers of racism in the last lesson, we are going to explore the layers that exist within music. 

How many different instruments and sounds do you think Samian used to create the song? 

Let’s find out!

Play verse 1 of Samian's "Peuple Invincible" again and guess the various instruments and sounds that make up the song!
Watch the video: Layering in Music (8 minutes)

Can you believe how many layers of instruments and sounds were used to create the song?

So awesome! 

Today, you are going to learn how to do exactly what the artist Chalece did. You will import sounds into your song and use the fitMedia() function to code at least 5 tracks to create a short song.