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Module 4 Creating Your Soundbank, Variables, & Tracks


Extension A: Adding Sounds to Favourites

  • Students can 'favourite' sounds by selecting  the 'star' beside the sound
  • Students can also select  the Show Only orange star to see only their favourite sounds.

Extension B: Other Functions to Try

Uploading sounds (adding lyrics, community sounds) 

For students who want to add their actual voice to the song by singing or rapping. You may want to add some community sounds or other sounds that are not in the EarSketch library. Your students will have the option of uploading a new sound, doing a quick record, and finding a clip on Freesound.

Uploading Sounds

Quick Tutorial 

Uploading Sounds Video


Students will learn how to adjust track volume, code for fades, create echos, distort their sounds, change the pitch, and create a reverb in their sounds.

Effects in EarSketch 

Effects and Envelopes

Every Effect Explained in detail 

setEffect() Video


You will learn how to compose music note by note instead of at the measure level.  This is great for drum beats. This approach is often called step sequencing in music production.

Making Custom Beats: makeBeat


You will learn how to code more efficiently and add repetition to your music.


Musical Repetition