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Minds-On: Thinking About The Issues

Activity 1: Know and Want to Know (10 minutes)

Today, we are going to begin exploring how to layer your music

We will continue to examine the layers of racism and, while learning how to layer music, we will learn how to code instrumental layers in your song using variables and functions.

We are going to analyze the music of a famous Indigenous artist, Samian, to explore how to use music, activism, and computer science as pathways to promote racial equity. After all, this project is about voice! Your Voice Is Power!

We will continue to use EarSketch to code and remix music. 

To get started today, we are going to take a look at what you already know and what you need to know about music, computer science, activism, and entrepreneurship.  

At the end of the learning experience, you will have an opportunity to reflect on what you learned!

Optional Video: Indigenous Activism and Entrepreneurship (13 minutes)

Complete the "Know and Want to Know" columns in your Student Notebooks.