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Module 2

Layers of Injustice & Creating a Script with Comments


Approx Time to Complete

1.25 Hrs

Pro Tip
  • The slide decks have extra info not included in the online lessons.
  • The Notebook can be printed but has more functionality when used digitally.

Module Overview

In Module 2, students learn about the history of Hip-Hop, types of racism, the basics of writing a script, and adding comments to the code. We challenge students to recognize the following layers of racism in song lyrics:

  • Interpersonal
  • Institutional
  • Structural

Students have an opportunity to discuss the meaning of each racism layer and think about the layers of injustice when writing code to layer music.

Sensitive Topic: This module discusses the damaging legacy of slavery in the United States, including current examples of Interpersonal, Institutional Systemic, and Structural racism.

This lesson intentionally uses humanizing language such as “enslaved people” rather than dehumanizing language such as “slaves”. This humanizing language seeks to uphold the dignity of people who were held in bondage by referring to them as people experiencing the horrors of slavery. We advise teachers to use this language too. 

Module Resources

Module Outline


Minds-On: Music As A Way To Express Voice

10 Minutes


Action: Layers Of Racism

45 Minutes



5 Minutes



10 Minutes