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Minds On: The Coding & Music Connection

Activity 1:  Coding and Music - What is the Connection? (5 minutes)

Welcome to the Your Voice is Power remix competition! Are you ready to become the next big music producer?  Would you like to use your voice to inspire change and have the opportunity to win a $5000 scholarship?

That's right! 

Here is your chance - In the Your Voice is Power Competition, you will have the opportunity to remix beats from Indigenous recording artists to create your own unique song. 

However, you won’t create this remix in a recording studio or in your school’s band room. Instead, you’ll be composing on the computer using code. 

50 students will win prizes, and two top students will win a $5000 scholarship or grant to start a business plus a gift from an Indigenous artist! (Song requirements for the competition.)

Wait, Code? 

Yes, code... the music industry is infused with computer programmers, from sound engineers to streaming site developers. Combining music and computer science is the next step in recording innovation and creativity.

Do you want to remix beats from inspiring Indigenous artists?

We will spend the next few days exploring how you can use music, computer science, activism, and entrepreneurship to promote racial equity and social justice!

Today, you will learn how to navigate the coding platform we will use to remix music and write a basic script.

Artwork of Indigenous woman holding a laptop
Watch part of the following video and check out how coding is becoming the new one-man band! Start this video and play approximately one minute of it.

If you just heard that song on the radio, would you believe that it was code? Musicians and coders are working together more and more to produce some of today's top hits.

Extension A provides more opportunities on this topic: "Why is coding important to the future of the music industry?"