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Module 4 Creating Your Soundbank, Variables, & Tracks


You have learned:

  • Racial Injustice takes place interpersonally, institutionally, and structurally.
  • Songs are created by layering many different sounds/instruments (tracks).
  • A variable is a unit of storage that creates a space in the computer’s memory to store data. Using variables in your code saves time and space.

Activity 6: Build Your Toolbox (5 minutes)

Write these terms and definitions in your toolbox (or add them beside existing definitions):

  • track
  • variable
  • function
  • fitMedia()

Activity 7: Students Complete the Exit Ticket (10 minutes)

Complete the Exit Ticket in your Student Notebook

Exit ticket questions:

  1. How did you choose your song’s sound clips?
  2. How do you think you could layer your sound clips to represent layers of injustice?
  3. How do variables help you create more effective code?